Anyone who visits / lives in Parktown automatically agrees with the rules given here and undertakes to comply with them. These we try to keep in a nutshell, that you do not have to read a book here. Nevertheless, the most important points should be mentioned. Respect is required.


• The rental price is L $ 2 per prim, also for shops.
Already paid rents will NOT be refunded!

• Wearing the role play HUD / Meter by Headless (own production) is voluntary. Optionally, the HUD / Meter can also be worn and switched to “off” so you can use the internal currency. For more information, visit the Roleplay Hud page

• Children avatars are always allowed on the Sims and may participate in the RP. PARTICIPATION IN SEXUAL ACTS IS PROHIBITED FOR CHILDREN AVATARE!

• Animal avatars are also welcome on our Sim and may also participate in the RP (realistic)

• Residents should be friendly and helpful to fellow Citizens and Visitors of Parktown!

• Flying is disabled on our Sims / Voice is allowed (as long as the RP is not disturbed) Alternatively you can also use our Discord server. The link to get you at the landing point.

• To properly practice your role, please wear your correct group title

• Erotic representations of any kind with children avatars are strictly prohibited! We punish this with a permanent bann

• We are on a Moderate Sim. Appropriate erotic is allowed.

•Each renter / RP-ler must pay attention to his rezzed things independently, above all on no-copy-things – for lost or broken objects no liability is taken over – also not, if these were returned (for example at expiration of the rent

• It is allowed for the Parktown tenants to re-open a vehicle with up to 30 prims. If you are eligible to do so, please contact the Parktown team.

If something is incomprehensible or someone has questions, we are at your disposal. Of course, we are also open to change, just talk to us.


Parktown Roleplay– Crew

Updated on April 2019