Values of the RP system

The values of the RP system are designed according to the condition of the avatar – all values together, say the character is.   Once the values are at 100%, this means you are perfect. When values are at 0%, This is not good.  Watch out for a balanced balance. (This is called 50%)

Health: This value indicates whether the avatar is conscious. If other values are zero, it will affect the life of the avatar. If your life is zero, you need to call a doctor so you can be cured in the hospital. If there is not a doctor available at the moment, you can go to the emergency room for a hospital bed to heal your life.

Energy: How much power or energy your avatar has, tells you this value. When you do sports, walk or run, your character loses a lot of energy. If your avatar only stands, it uses less energy. You can rest by just sitting or lying on an object. To heal the energy, you do not need a valuable addon, you can use any object.

Hunger: After some time, you also get hungry. It takes a few hours to get hungry. Make sure you do not come below about 25% to keep your fitness level low. Food can be found everywhere, where with “RP – Point” logo on stands, in coffee or in the supermarket. When your food is used up, you can delete it from your inventory. Note: If this value is over 80%, it will have a health impact.

Thirst: After a few hours, your avatar will get thirsty. The drinks can be bought in many places on Parktown. Pay attention to the “RP-Point” logo. If you do sports by running, the avatar will get more thirsty. You should not drop your thirst value to zero, otherwise you will be weak and your energy will decrease faster. Note: If this value is over 80%, it will have a health impact.

Bladder: When you drink and eat, the bubble fills your avatars. Then you should go to a toilet. It could be embarrassing if you have your bubble at 0%, because that’s more significant. We recommend that you always empty the pale at 50 %. Public toilets can be found throughout the city. (An interactive toilet is also available for purchase.) If this value is below 20%, it will have a health impact.

Hygiene: How clean you really are, this value tells you. If you do sport, run or stay in certain places, this value will decrease even faster. If your hygiene is too low, you’ll stink and it can be embarrassing when other players see you. To clean yourself, you can go to a shower or a sink. (An interactive shower is also available for purchase.)

Fitness: This is a hidden value. We’re really active in sports, he tells you. To be active in sports, there are a few possible ways. When you walk or run, the system recognizes this and increases your fitness level. Alternatively, you can go to a gym or purchase (optional) fitness equipment. When you exercise, your hunger and thirst will drop faster than usual.