Parktown offers modern apartments & family-friendly houses as well as public places of relaxation and gathering.Spend funny evenings with your neighbors, relax on the beach or enjoy the view from your own office. We offer many options for a 2nd-life.The parktown team always has an open ear for any ideas.


To supplement the occupational groups, we are still looking for energetic support! You are committed, motivated & bring a lot of initiative? Very well! We are looking for something like that! We value cohesion! Of course that means respect for each other and the fun should come first

After a long break with some other projects, Parktown is back. Building on an old tradition, Parktown is a city-style RP-Sim. In addition to police, hospital and fire department, we offer various options for RP. Be it on the beach, in the hotel, in your own home or the other different places, everywhere you can participate in the RP or just switch off and let RL be RL times.

Our main language is English. Parktown is open to any nationality. We want to build a big network and you are welcome to join us! For translations you can find some translators in the marketplace. We do not want to exclude anyone and have therefore decided to enforce this concept.