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Murder in Parktown

A patrol car. From PTPD, found Saturday a corpse in the Alley, next to the FBI field office. 

Chief Z Smith from the PTPD, say that the victim had no ID, and still unidentified, An autopsy preformed at Parktown Hospital, revieled that the Victim was shot in the stomach and had suffed great pain , before he was dumped next to the trach in the a Alley. It is belived that the Murder was payback for something, the PTPD is still ivestigating .

The police please for your help!

Lately, the criminal cases are piling up. Coincidence? Is there a specific act behind it? Or are they independent cases? Multiple perpetrators? – The investigation will show!

Should anyone have noticed something flashy on Saturday afternoon, they will be asked to contact Parktown Police.

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