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The stolen Money Transport Van

On the way back from the time bomb at the Parktown Hotel to the police station, policewoman Zue Smith noticed that the bank’s cash transporter was missing in the garage. She asked Chief Aranel over the radio for help.

– This man is wanted –

A search was conducted from the air and from the ground, and the police helicopter spotted the money-carrier parked at the petrol station in WOODSTONE.

In video surveillance, a masked man could be seen coming into the garage of the bank, who drove away with the money-van.

Part of the money was still in the van, so the robber had to be in a hurry.

The Parktown police suspect that the robber is the same man who made an armed robbery in Woodstone. on Saturday the 1-06-2019.
And there is a connection to the time bomb at the Park Hotel. It is believed that it was a distraction to remove the police from the bank. Investigations continue

A search has so far been unsuccessful

We now need the help of the population. Who saw this man? (see picture above)

Zue Anne Smith
-Police officer-
Police Department of Parktown

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