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The mayor of Parktown in danger?

Tuesday the Parktown Police was notified about a killed Teddy Bear, that was hanging from the gutter in the Mayors house.

FBI was informed due to the other cases there have been in Parktown lately, the FBI denied that there was a connection to the Serial killer case, the FBI have been investigating, that case was closed.

FBI helped secuing DNA and fingerprints due to Parktown PD, din´t have a field equipment for this.

Captain Z. Smith from the PTPD, are investigation the case, and due to the murderd Teddy Bear was hanging just outside the Mayors front door, she think it can be a warning or threat to the Mayor..

The Mayor was out of town, but he was contacted, and told that he was OK.

Due to the possible threat, the Police intensified patrols in the area, and a Police car from PTPD, found a Time Bomb was placed near the old Clock Tower.
People was evacuded from the area, and the Bomb Squad, arrived to defuse the Time Bomb..

Bomb Squad looking at the Time Bomb

The Time Bomb was not activated, and since it was placed only 20 meter from the Mayors house, the PTPD belive there is a connection to the the Teddy Bear case..

A Bomb expert, from PTPD, found out that the bomb was of a different type, one that was placed near the Park Hotel on Sunday.

If any citizen have information, about any of this incidents, please call Capatin Z Smith, from PTPD on 911 Extension 2.

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