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Armed robbery in Woodstone

An unknown armed and masked man broke in to, the Criminal Defence Lawyer Elizabeth K Lane’s office. The robber forced Elizabeth K Lane, that was present to open her safe, that contained 100.000 $

After robber had taken the money out of the safe, he ordered the victim to undress, handcuffed her, used chloroform on a cloth to anesthetize the victim that passed out. The victim was and left on the floor, gagged and blindfolded.

Parktown Police Department (PTPD) received later a phone call, where a man told that he had heard some strange sounds from the Lawyers office…
From PTPD Police Officer Zue Smith was dispatched, she found the Lawyer naked on the floor, and the safe was empty…

PTPD sends out a BOLO (Be On The Look Out) for a Male approx 25 years old between 175- 180 cm tall, wearing a long green coat, blue jeans, and black hair. The pictures from the robbery was taken by hidden CCTV, in the office.  There are more pictures, but they are only be used for the Police investigation.

Zue Anne Smith

Police Officer – Parktown Police Department 

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